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Violin Instruction

We are proud partners with JAMM, Juneau Alaska Music Matters, and are offering all kindergarten and first students 90 minutes of violin instruction weekly.  We believe that intentional music instruction at an early age increases learning in all areas of academics.  Please visit the JAMM website to read more information.

Music Teacher, Rebecca Ricker will teach 1st grade, and Lindsay Clark will be instructing Kindergarten. Students begin by making a paper violin with their families and as they learn responsibility and care of the violin, they transition to a real instrument. Kinder students have their first performance with their paper violins in the fall and a culminating performance in the spring.  Families are welcome to observe during violin time. First grade students will continue their instruction with performances during the year.

We are excited to watch their growth as they continue learning to play and enjoy all types of music! 


TED animation video explaining how playing an instrument benefits your brain.


This spring Over 80 Juneau Alaska Music Matters (JAMM) kindergarten students from Auke Bay, Glacier Valley and Riverbend Elementary Schools performed together at UAS Community Day! Thank you parents, teachers and students for a wonderful turn-out!  And thank you, UAS and Juneau Jazz and Classics for making this incredible day happen for our families. 



Fall 2015 Kindergarten Violin Concert

Alaskan Twinkle


This is My Violin


Twinkle Twinkle

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