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Mother's Day Lunch
Mother's Day Lunch

In what is fast becoming an annual event, select fourth and fifth grade boys don their chef coats and prepare, serve (and clean) a fabulous lunch for their mothers, teachers and special ladies in their lives. This year the chefs made sushi, fruit kabobs, wasabi and sugar cookies for dessert! They also selected their favorite recipes from cooking class and made a recipe book for each mom.

A special thanks to Miss Melissa who supervised the cooking and luncheon.

Nutcracker 2015

about 1 year ago

Under the direction of Sheryl Wittig the 4th and 4th graders presented The Nutcracker.  Students choreographed their own dances and scenes; Ms. Wittig helped put it together.

One of the Art Standards, is that students will 'Create across various art forms' and create they did! 

A job well done by all!

Thanks to all the parents who helped with costumes.

Nutcrcker Beginning Scene

Soldiers and Mice (partial)

Sugar Plums

Russian Dancers

Candy Kids

Chinese Dancers



Girls Claymation Club
Fourth and fifth grade girls were invited to attend a Girls' Claymation club hosted by Mrs. Meiners. Girls attend Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings for 4 weeks to learn the basic techniques of claymation. Girls worked in groups to write a story using a storyboard. They then built their story characters from clay, made backdrops, learned how to use a tripod and camera, download and edit photos. Their final movies were edited in iMovie.

Watch and Enjoy

Wax Museum

about 1 year ago

Every year, 5th grade students participate in a 'Wax Museum."  During the weeks leading up to the Wax Museum, students choose a historical figure, who has made a positive impact in their community or for the world. Students research their person and write a script which they memorize.  They then learn about the 'art' of performance, how to memorize, speak clearly and present the character.  Students design costumes and after much practice, the school halls are lined with great historical figures ready to share their lives.


This year Rosemary Alexander from KTOO Public Radio interviewed parents, teachers and students during the event. The link below takes you to the KTOO page.


Michael Penn from the Juneau Empire also came and took photos which were published in the paper.