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School Voice Mail
Voicemail has been added to Auke Bay’s main phone line 796-5275. The line will ring 5 times before voicemail activates. If your phone call is unanswered at Auke Bay Elementary, please leave a message and someone will return your call.

Thank You
Unanswered Phone Calls
There may be times you call into Auke Bay Elementary and the phone is unanswered. Due to threatening phone calls this past Spring to Juneau Schools, all schools are monitoring incoming phone calls. If your phone number is blocked, comes through as “wireless caller”, etc, the phone will not be answered. If your phone call is going unanswered try calling from a land line where the number will be recognized, or sending an email directly to your students teacher, or office staff.

Thank you for your understanding to ensure all students and staff are safe!