Auke Bay Renovation

Update - Summer 2013
Phase II is well underway and Phase III has begun!  Construction remains on schedule, with substantial completion set for August 16.  As with all construction projects, problems can happen at any time, causing unforeseen delays in completion.  Please know that we are working with CBJ and McGraw Construction on alternate plans should construction be delayed.  The parking lot is closed for the summer, but you are welcome to peek through the fence to watch on-going progress. You can follow progress throughout the summer via the Auke Bay Elementary School FaceBook page!


Upadate - February 28, 2013
With the main part of Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 of our renovation has begun.  Back to the beginning!  The right front of the building was demolished and structural steal is going up!  A mild winter has been our friend and work continues at a fast and furious pace.  The new rooms in Phase 1 are wonderful.  Students and staff have adjusted to the newness and we are thrilled at the incredible changes that have occurred.


Upadate - January 22, 2013
Phase 1 has been completed.  On Schedule.  Staff has spent countless hours preparing the classrooms for students.  Staff, parents and JSD maintenance moved and unpacked over the long weekend.  The rooms are beautiful and as the year progresses, new student furniture will arrive and be delivered to classrooms.  You are welcome to come by and check out the work that has been done.  Phase 2 work has begun on the right side of the building.  Please be aware of the change in traffic flow and parking. The change in parking and traffic flow will continue until the end of the school year.


 Update - December 6, 2012
You will begin to see changes on the outside of the building.  Siding is being installed though it is a little difficult to see with all the cars in front, but it's there!  Inside, work from all the trades are happening concurrently.  Casement, window trim, ceilings - Wow!  Work continues on schedule and we are planning on Jan. 15th, when McGraw, ASRC turns the building over to the school district.  A very short, but very busy 6 weeks!


Update - November 9, 2012
Work continues at a remarkable pace.  Every day, we see something new!  Siding is being installed, the walls inside are being primed for paint, even handrails on the stairs are being installed.  It is a fascinating process to be apart of.  We appreciate your patience and support as the renovation continues through out the year! We also appreciate ASRC McGraw Constructors, LLC. as they work around our schedules.  


Update - October 20, 2012
So much work is being accomplished.  Much of it you can not see.  Work continues inside, with rooms on the bottom floor having drywall and as the picture shows below, the 'teaching wall' is being framed.  This wall will house much of the electronics for the classroom. Work is also being done on the steps that lead from the playground into the building and down into what will be a new parking lot and staff entrance. Work has also begun on a retaining wall along Bay Creek.



Update - October 14, 2012
We have bathrooms and drinking fountains downstairs that are ready to use!  One of the drinking fountains also fills water bottles!  This helps reduce plastic bottle waste and encourages students to drink water throughout the day!  The students are excited to see the progress as the construction continues. Drywall is going up in many rooms, as well as mechanical and electrical system work.  AELP has been on site digging for new electrical lines into the building.

We also have a "begin move - in day."  January 15!  Our plan is to use this week getting new furniture in place, maintenance will move classroom supplies and by Wednesday, January 22 those classes moving into Phase 1 will be ready to go!  Classroom teachers may be looking for parent volunteers during this week to assist with the move.  We'll take any and all help.


Update - October 2, 2012
Work continues as a great pace.  The building has been covered with vapour wrap and windows are being installed!  On the inside, rooms are taking shape and we are scheduled to have downstairs bathrooms and drinking facuet by the end of the week!  They will be located next to they gym.  



Update - September 13, 2012,
The roofers are on site and working long hours to get the roof completed on Phase 1.  Downstairs, the rooms are framed-in and hallway stairs have been placed.  It's beginning to take shape! Despite the torrential downpour, work continues.




Update - September 4, 2012
Work continues to progress on schedule!  The ground source heat pump fields are being covered, the roof is scheduled to begin and the walls are being closed up!  Last week a pumper truck came and poured concrete for the mechanical penthouse!  It was great to watch.




Update - August 25, 2012
As you can see by the pictures below, work is progressing on the framing in Phase 1.  Walls are going up and you can start to see the height of the new school as compared to the original. The image in the middle is looking from the playground into the building towards the front.



Please be aware that the construction area is off limits. Safety fencing will be put up before Monday to contain the construction staging areas. Safety is our main priority, McGraw is working diligently to ensure the school area is ready for Monday. Update - August 10, 2012
We have had numerous questions regarding the construction that will occur during the year.  Currently, work is being done on the Phase 1 section of the building (north side).  Work will continue throughout the fall and the job site will be active during the day. The north side of the building will be fenced off and access is restricted to construction workers. Construction workers will not need to be the part of the building occupied by the students and staff. McGraw Construction and JSD has taken every precaution to ensure student safety. Students will be able to watch the progress from the playground which I'm sure they will find very interesting.
There are four temporary classrooms seated on the back playground. They will house two fourth grade classes, library/music, and extended learning. Part of the playground will be fenced off and used  for construction staging. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Update - August 6, 2012
Work is proceeding as scheduled. Four temporary classrooms are set, ground source heat wells are done and initial utility work is being done in the parking lot. Phase 1 of the building is being erected.
 Update - June 13, 2012
The contractors have taken over the building and demolition has begun.  We will attempt to keep you posted throughout the summer here and on the Auke Bay Facebook page.
Update - May 21, 2012
After some delay, our long awaited for renovation will begin in earnest this June. McGraw Construction has been awarded the bid and we welcome them to Auke Bay!
Our timeline for this project -
Phase One completion in December, 2012
Phase Two and Three completion, August 2013.
This renovation is a 'straight through' timeline.  The contractors and school district have taken every precaution to ensure student safety. Parts of the building under renovation will be cordoned off and will not accessible. We will definitely be 'in transition' and there will be some amenities we will do without next year.We are scheduled to have four modular buildings during the 2012/2013 school year as classrooms. We will most likely face some challenges next year but the staff is dedicated to provided the best education to the students at Auke Bay and we know that 'we'll love it when it's done!'Please contact the office if you have questions.
 We are excited to have a greener energy source in our future!

Phasing -Attached are the newest plans for both floors of the building and possible phasing of the construction schedule.At this time, the building will be renovated in three phases.

  • Phase One will occur during the summer of 2012 and will encompass the west end (both floors) of the building.  This phase would be complete and some rooms will be ready for occupancy in the fall.
  • Phase Two will occur during the school year (2012-2013) and will encompass the east end (both floors) of the building. Work will take place after school and in the evenings. During the school year, we will have 3 modular classrooms in the back of the school which will house 2 classrooms and the music room/library.  Precautionary measures are being planned to ensure student and staff safety during this time.  The east end of the building will be fenced and the inside of the east end will not be accessible.
  • Phase Three will occur during the summer of 2013.  The middle of the building including the gym will be completed at this time as well as the outside landscaping.